The Champion Archives

Please click on the year to open each file which contains all the pages of the Champion for that year (up to 200). You’ll need to be a little patient for it to open since it is a relatively large file.

The Sleepless Eye 1911     1913    1914    1915     1916     1917     1918     1919

1920      1921     1922    1923     1924     1925     1926     1927      1928     1929

1930      1931     1932     1933     1934     1935     1936     1937      1938     1939

1940     1941     1942     1943     1944      1945     1946     1947     1948     1949

1950     1951     1952    1953     1954     1955     1956     1957     1958     1959

1960     1961     1962     1963     1964     1965     1966     1967     1968     1969

1970     1971     1972     1973    1974     1975     1976     1977     1978

1980     1981     1982     1983     1984     1985     1986     1987     1988    1989

1991     1992     1993     1994     1995     1996     1997     1998     1999

2000     2001     2002     2003     2004     2005     2006     2007      2008     2009

2010     2011     2012     2013

The Chattanooga Central History Archives Team (CCHAT) works under the supervision of the Chattanooga Central High School Librarian, and these digital yearbooks are the property of the Central Library.  They are for the personal use of Students, Alumni, and Friends of Central. Download for commercial purposes is prohibited.

25 thoughts on “The Champion Archives

  1. Thanks to Gary Thomas class of ’53 for getting us started on the digitization of Central’s yearbooks. He provided and contributed for three of the yearbooks, including the 1911 yearbook,

    1. Larry, Bob Johnson here doing some of the work from my home in Puyallup, WA. Got a request today for a photo of you–not from the FBI or anything like that. Someone thinks you were a pretty goo quarterback.

  2. Thank you for the hard work to preserve our history. I am a 1954 graduate and enjoying the older yearbooks. I was excited to find my aunt in the 1926 year book. I called her daughter and son in Washington State and they were very touched by this. Thank you again for the dedicated work you are doing.

    1. Interestingly, I, Bob Johnson, live in Puyallup, WA. I am a 1965 graduate and do most of the work on the Preservation of Central History from home.

  3. Does anyone know where I can find 1975 central high school year book. I’m looking for my dad Kenny bales . He passed away in 2010. Any help appreciated ! Thanks

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. I was able to find my grandmother and my aunt in the 1919-1926 yearbooks. What a blessing.

  5. Just reminiscing. I moved to Texas during my sophomore yeast, but have many fond memories.

  6. if anyone is interested i have my grandfathers central champion from 1908 and i see the earliest champion you show is 1912, i would be willing to donate since i am also an alumni of central i would be proud to have this reproduced for everyone to enjoy as i have rather than it to sit in my safety deposit box locked away and no one enjoying but me on occasion. it has a few cut outs where my grandfather cut his picture out and gave to friends but otherwise it is in remarkable shape for it’s age. let me know if you are interested

    1. Interested for sure. I can be delivered to the Chattanooga Central Librarian or mailed to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th St. Ct. E, Puyallup, WA 98375. Will reimburse for mailing costs.

  7. Thanks to all involved with the Champion yearbook project. I would have been a Central High graduate of 1965, but transferred to Kirkman Technical High School to learn the printing trade. Seeing the old yearbooks from junior high school and beyond has been very enjoyable. Seeing some old friends and the ‘rotundra’ brings back many memories.

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