Mr. and Miss Central

Sometimes referred to as the highest honor conferred on any Central student, Mr. and Miss Central are selected by the student body to best represent them, Central, and it superior qualities.  Mr. and Miss Central must possess superior qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

  • Scholarship:  Must be in the upper one-third of the senior class.
  • Leadership:  Must have demonstrated the ability to lead others and to command respect.
  • Character:  Must have demonstrated integrity, sincerity, dependability, and loyalty to school, country, and God.
  • Service:  Must have actively served the school faithfully with dedication that stems from true concern and unrestrained willingness.

Roster of Honorees from 1933 – 2012

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Mr. & Miss Central

Mr. & Miss Central 2

Mr. & Miss Central 3

7 thoughts on “Mr. and Miss Central

  1. I am in awe of those who became Mr and Miss Central. Especially now that I am out of high school, look back and realize how much it took to become Mr and Miss Central.

  2. There should be a correction on the name of the 2006 queen. Her last name was omitted by mistake. It should be Jennifer Megan Ward.

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