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Update on the Tennessee Historical Marker for Central on Dodds Avenue

Thanks to a select few who donate to the Preservation of Central History Fund, we now have enough to procure a replacement marker.

This week Central History Archives Team will send a check to the State to pay for a marker to replace the one run over by a careless driver or vandal.  We are coordinating with TDOT and City of Chattanooga for final approval to place the marker on State property just outside the McCallie fence.  Mindful that we need to reduce the risk of “accidental” damage to the marker, we intend to place it facing Dodds Avenue and as close to the McCallie fence as possible.

Please keep in mind, your continuing donations to Preservation of Central History Fund will allow the Chattanooga Central History Archives Team (CCHAT) to continue other preservation efforts such as cleaning the Bellamy Flag and procuring a case in which to archive it.

The vast majority of CCHAT efforts are by a few volunteers who spent countless hours supporting the Central Librarian who directs our efforts and works tirelessly to preserve Central history and rare books in the Central Library–Central alumni are grateful.

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Update on Replacement of the Central Historical Marker

The Tennessee Historical Commission and their manufacturer have confirmed our marker cannot be repaired to their specifications.

We have two options, one of which is not viable in our opinion–having our marker placed on the Missing Marker List along 200 or so others and wait for State funding.

The other is to raise the funds to pay for the marker at a cost of $1,475 and get it back up in a relatively short period.  We’ve already raised just under $300, so we’ll need $1,200 or so more.

Coordination with McCallie to place the marker on McCallie property has not been successful.  Current plan is to place it just outside the McCallie fence facing Dodds Avenue and as far from the street as possible.  We must obtain Tennessee DOT and the City of Chattanooga approval–at this time, all indications are they will approve our plan.

Please send your donations payable to Preservation of Central History Fund to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th Street Court East, Puyallup, WA  98375.

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Surviving Faculty Members of Central on Dodds Avenue

One of our goals is to invite all surviving members of the faculty to Dedication of the Historical Marker on August 4th.

We would appreciate any contact information you have on the following:

– James (Jim) Rogers.   Science and Chemistry teacher at both old and new Central.

– Edwin Grant.   Probably taught at both Central until 1968, and then J B Brown thereafter.

– Wayne Huling.

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Historical Marker on Dodds Avenue

Today Bobby Byrd confirmed receipt of payment at the Tennessee Historical Commission.  Priority Mail envelope had been delayed because of the weather, so we were getting a little concerned-should have arrived last Wednesday or Thursday.

The Commission ordered the marker for arrival in Chattanooga in approximately 18 weeks.

Coordination is underway for the dedication ceremony in mid-to-late July.

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Tennessee Historical Marker for Chattanooga Central High School on Dodds Avenue

On February 17, 2012, the Tennessee Historical Commission, unanimously approved our application to erect a State of Tennessee Historical Marker at 500 Dodds Avenue recognizing the historical significance of Chattanooga Central High School.

Coordination for a public ceremony August 4, 2012 to dedicate this memorial to our beloved school is underway.

As previously reported, the Monuments and Markers Committee of the Tennessee Historical Commission recommended minor changes to the text we submitted with the application.  Those changes were approved by the Commissioners.

Thanks to the alumni who prepared and submitted the application, coordinated with the City of Chattanooga for permits to erect the marker, and donated the funds to pay for its production and installation.

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Monument & Markers Committee Changes Central Historical Marker Text

On January 31, 2012, the Monument & Markers Committee of the Tennessee Historical Commission considered our application, modified our proposed text, and recommended approval of our marker.

Modifed text:    “From 1908 to 1969, this was the site of the first Hamilton County high school to offer a full four year curriculum.  From an initial graduating class of 19, the school grew to an enrollment of approximately 2000 students, making it one of the largest high schools in the state for a significant period.  In 1919, the first Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit in Tennessee was organized here.  In 1963, Central proudly accepted the 22nd annual National Bellamy Award, one of the nation’s highest merit honors for secondary schools.”

On February 17, 2012, the full Commission will vote on our application.

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Great News Reported by Bobby Byrd

This evening, the Chattanooga City Council approved our request for a “Temporary Usage Permit” for the placement of the Central High School historical marker on Dodds Avenue, pending further approval by the Tennessee Historical Commission.  The vote was unanimous in our favor by all 9 council members.  Ron Tucker did a flawless job of putting together the necessary documents for this request, and he made a brief presentation before the Council.  The fee to the city for $110.00 was paid for by donations from our classmates.