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The Central Digest, Volume XLVIII, 1963 – 1964, in higher resolution has been uploaded.

It is not up to CHATT standards and will be re-photographed.  It is easier to read than previous version which was not removed.

The Central Digest, Volume XXXVI, 1951 – 1952 has been uploaded.

The Central Digest, Volume LI, 1966 – 1967 in high resolution is now uploaded.

Thanks to a select few who donate to the Preservation of Central History Fund, we now have enough to procure a replacement marker.

This week Central History Archives Team will send a check to the State to pay for a marker to replace the one run over by a careless driver or vandal.  We are coordinating with TDOT and City of Chattanooga for final approval to place the marker on State property just outside the McCallie fence.  Mindful that we need to reduce the risk of “accidental” damage to the marker, we intend to place it facing Dodds Avenue and as close to the McCallie fence as possible.

Please keep in mind, your continuing donations to Preservation of Central History Fund will allow the Chattanooga Central History Archives Team (CCHAT) to continue other preservation efforts such as cleaning the Bellamy Flag and procuring a case in which to archive it.

The vast majority of CCHAT efforts are by a few volunteers who spent countless hours supporting the Central Librarian who directs our efforts and works tirelessly to preserve Central history and rare books in the Central Library–Central alumni are grateful.

The Champion 1992

The Champion 1992 now available in high definition: