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Last Volume of The Central Digest in Hard-Copy

Chattanooga Central History Archives Team (CCHAT) now believes Volume LXV published in School Year 1980 – 1981 was the last Volume published in hard-copy.  Confirmation from those with knowledge about this will be greatly appreciated.

During our sorting of historical documents in the Library, we found an Issue 1 with September, 1981 date on Page 1 and a September, 1980 date printed on Page 4.  It had Volume LXV on Page 1 as well.  We now believe the September date was in error, an it was Issue 1 for School Year 1980 – 1981.

There is an article on Page 1 about Mr. Jolliffe assuming duties as Assistant Principal.  The Champion 1981 indicates he assumed those duties at the beginning of School Year 1980 – 1981.