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Ray Moss



By Charlie Sedman:  Raymond Earl Moss Jr. was killed in a small plane crash on October 7, 1976, two days shy of his 40th birthday.  His son, Ray (Trey) Moss III was probably a year old when he died.

Ray’s father was a major league pitcher for the Brooklyn Robins (later to become  the Dodgers) from 1926-30 and Boston Braves (1931).  His dad lived to be 96 years old, passing in 1998, and his mother lived to be 101, passing in 2007.  Ray, his father, and brother-in-law started a very successful chain of  convenience stores – The Golden Gallon – in 1959 as an outgrowth of the family dairy, and Ray Jr. was returning from a trip for that business when his private plane crashed near Dalton, GA.

If you saw the recent hit by Jadeveon Clowney for South Carolina in the Outback Bowl that probably allowed his team to win, Ray Moss Jr. made a similar hit on a punt return against Baylor Prep in 1954, with his team trailing 7-6, and picked up the ball, returning it for a touchdown and an eventual 18-7 win; in effect clinching Central’s fourth straight state football championship, and him a scholarship to UT.  I, as an 8-year old, saw and heard it, and it was the most electrifying moment I ever witnessed at a live sporting event.

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Generations of Central Graduates

It saddened me yesterday when I received the following message from Class of 1965 classmate and friend, John Ettien:

“Bobby, my Mom passed this week.  She was a Drum Majorette at Central High, Class of 1937.  My brother Jim, sister Loretta and wife Patti are all Central High grads.”

Rosa Jane Verhey Ettien passed from among us, but I expect the Central spirit instilled in her in the late 1930s is with us still.  On behalf of all Central alumni, condolences to John, Jim, Loretta, and Patti.

I also learned today that Charlie Sedman (father is Class of 1941 graduate) is a second generation Centralite and began thinking there are probably many others.

Seems appropriate to capture this information in our efforts to preserve Central history.  So, please comment if you are or know them.

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Thanks to Buffy Hoge, ’74

Received the Adobe Acrobat X Pro software today from Buffy.  This is the first contribution to the Preservation of Central History Fund (45-4405845) which has been set up to support preservation efforts such as this website.  This software will contribute immensely to our preservation efforts.

Other alumni and interested parties my contribute by a check payable to Preservation of Central History Fund sent to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th Street Court East, Puyallup, WA  98375.  Bob is a graduate of the Class of ’65.