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Tell Your Stories

Charlie Sedman and others like Buffy Hoge are diligently pursuing documented history of fellow Purple Pounders who are no longer with us–their continuing efforts will be documented on this site.

So much of Central history is undocumented, and only you can tell those stories.  Perhaps you can document events with photos, newspaper clippings, Central publications you have, etc.

Please help us capture the rich Central history.

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Central Majorettes in Washington, DC

Central Majorettes in Washington, DC

We attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC with the Band and CM Chandler as director.  I was a freshman at the time and we were there when Regan was shot and were able to go by the place.  Then as we were Seniors we were able to go back and revisit the same places and march in the parade again.  I would love to see if the pictures of the entire band were still hanging in the Band Room or if we could see them….. Thank you for asking Chattanooga Central!”

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Be True to What Central High School Did for You and Me

Politicians raise millions these days.  We just need to raise thousands to preserve what means so much to us!

We have a Federally approved account for whatever donation you can make.  We have prominent attorneys who can take it to the next level of making it tax free.

Don’t think tax deduction is the issue here–just think about what that purple and gold blood flowing through your veins and arteries did for you and share what you can to preserve the Central history and traditions.