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Band Officers 1948 -1949

Band Officers

Central Majorettes in Washington, DC

Central Majorettes in Washington, DC

We attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC with the Band and CM Chandler as director.  I was a freshman at the time and we were there when Regan was shot and were able to go by the place.  Then as we were Seniors we were able to go back and revisit the same places and march in the parade again.  I would love to see if the pictures of the entire band were still hanging in the Band Room or if we could see them….. Thank you for asking Chattanooga Central!”

Central Band in 1942

Titles Earned by Mary Ruth Neyman

Competing in National Baton Twirling Association and Drum Majorettes of America events, Mary Ruth, 1957, won the following titles:

  • 1956 Tennessee State Champion Majorette
  • 1956 National Champion Strutter
  • 1957 Tennessee State Champion Twirler
  • 1959 Tennessee State Champion Twirler
  • 1959 Tennessee State Champion Majorette
  • 1959 International Champion Strutter