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Band Officers 1948 -1949

Band Officers

The Central Band

Referred to in The Champions for the first time in 1944.


Band History

As a reminder, extensive history of music and bands at Central can be found at:

Music and Band History

Central Band in 1942

Alma Mater by 1961 Band

Here is an example of one of the upgrades made possible by the donation of funds to the Preservation of Central History Fund.  Click on the link below to hear the 1961 Band playing the Alma Mater:

Central Alma Mater

From the 1956 Graduation Book

Central Band

Check out this 1949 photo showing Members of Central Band

Class of 1965’s Ronald S. Meers Retires.

via Class of 1965’s Ronald S. Meers Retires.

Chattanooga Central Band History 1907-1970

Please click on the following link:

Band History_1907_1970