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Music Playlists

Music playlists have been added as a new feature in the footer of this site.

Previously, audio files could only be played one at a time.  That feature will remain for those who like to choose one song at a time.

If you want to play all songs on a playlist, you’ll now be able to.  Scroll all the way to the footer, and select a playlist.

Music by Request

Please note new link in the header.  This is where request will be posted.  Click on the link and check out the first request.  Submit your request by commenting on this post.

Billboard Top 20

Music is such an important part of the high school experience, so The Billboard Top 20 songs are being added to this site.

Click on the link in the header, click on a year, and click on a song.

When the audio player appears, adjust the volume, and listen.

Band History

As a reminder, extensive history of music and bands at Central can be found at:

Music and Band History