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Update on Replacement of the Central Historical Marker

The Tennessee Historical Commission and their manufacturer have confirmed our marker cannot be repaired to their specifications.

We have two options, one of which is not viable in our opinion–having our marker placed on the Missing Marker List along 200 or so others and wait for State funding.

The other is to raise the funds to pay for the marker at a cost of $1,475 and get it back up in a relatively short period.  We’ve already raised just under $300, so we’ll need $1,200 or so more.

Coordination with McCallie to place the marker on McCallie property has not been successful.  Current plan is to place it just outside the McCallie fence facing Dodds Avenue and as far from the street as possible.  We must obtain Tennessee DOT and the City of Chattanooga approval–at this time, all indications are they will approve our plan.

Please send your donations payable to Preservation of Central History Fund to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th Street Court East, Puyallup, WA  98375.

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Thanks to Buffy Hoge, ’74

Received the Adobe Acrobat X Pro software today from Buffy.  This is the first contribution to the Preservation of Central History Fund (45-4405845) which has been set up to support preservation efforts such as this website.  This software will contribute immensely to our preservation efforts.

Other alumni and interested parties my contribute by a check payable to Preservation of Central History Fund sent to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th Street Court East, Puyallup, WA  98375.  Bob is a graduate of the Class of ’65.