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Chattanooga Central History Archives Team (CCHAT) Discovers Central Book of Honor

The Lookout Chapter of the National Honor Society of 1933 started manually publishing this Book of Honor “to trace the achievements of past students of Central since its organization in 1907.” Their goal was for future members of the Society to continue researching classes prior to 1933 and record honors recipients of future classes, thus inspiring students to attain more and still greater honors for Alma Mater.

Dedication of Book of Honor read: To the past students of Central, who by their zeal and industry have won honors for Alma Mater, and to students of the future, whom we challenge to the fullest and best use of their mental endowment and God-given talents that through their character, scholarship, leadership, and service they may richly live and devotedly serve Alma Mater, we the Lookout Chapter of the National Honor Society dedicate this Book of Honor.  Subsequent National Honor Society Classes continued this tradition through 1967.

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1944 Football Game Program

Provided by Charlie Sedman

1944 Football Program

This is the earliest Central football program I’ve located thus far.  The program is on a 22 x 16 inch piece of finished paper folded twice, and has team rosters and a double-page picture selection of  Central players on the inside. The inside information also indicates the game was played on Frawley Field.

Comment by Ed Hoback

WOW! The oldest Football Program I have seen or ever heard. Did you put it on the History site?

1944 I would have been 4 years old. I am not sure how old I was when I started going to the football practices and games at Frawley Field.  Frawley field became my play ground since I only lived one block from there on McCallie Ave. I could go out my back door down the alley to N. Lyerly St. to Frawley. I can still see the main gate on McCallie where people paid and came to the games. There was also a gate on N. Lyerly but it was used for the teams coming to play. Had a lot of fun times on that field.

In those days it became a tradition for the Central band to march from school down McCallie to the field. Everyone would gather to watch and listen as they played and marched.

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Billboard Top 20

Music is such an important part of the high school experience, so The Billboard Top 20 songs are being added to this site.

Click on the link in the header, click on a year, and click on a song.

When the audio player appears, adjust the volume, and listen.

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Senior Scholarship Program

Bob: Would it be possible to write something on your blog about the Senior Scholarship Program promoted by the Central Alumni/Supporters Association and endowed and maintained at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga in the neighborhood of $450,000-$500000. Twelve scholarships are now awarded to deserving seniors on Class Day each spring to help them further their educations and to carry the name of Central further. Hopefully in the next few days another scholarship will be established but it would be premature to announce it now. Three of the scholarships still need funding to ensure they are perpetually endowed. They are the “Hay-Hoback Spirit of Central Scholarship”; the Robert Kirk Walker Scholarship Award; and the John Holden Scholarship which was established last year. Tax free donations can be mailed to the CFGC at 1270 Market Stree, Chattanooga, Tenn; 37402. Thank you. I or someone else will let you know when the other scholarship has been approved and can be announced. Thank you. Jerry Summers

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Last Volume of The Central Digest in Hard-Copy

Chattanooga Central History Archives Team (CCHAT) now believes Volume LXV published in School Year 1980 – 1981 was the last Volume published in hard-copy.  Confirmation from those with knowledge about this will be greatly appreciated.

During our sorting of historical documents in the Library, we found an Issue 1 with September, 1981 date on Page 1 and a September, 1980 date printed on Page 4.  It had Volume LXV on Page 1 as well.  We now believe the September date was in error, an it was Issue 1 for School Year 1980 – 1981.

There is an article on Page 1 about Mr. Jolliffe assuming duties as Assistant Principal.  The Champion 1981 indicates he assumed those duties at the beginning of School Year 1980 – 1981.