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Senior Scholarship Program

Bob: Would it be possible to write something on your blog about the Senior Scholarship Program promoted by the Central Alumni/Supporters Association and endowed and maintained at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga in the neighborhood of $450,000-$500000. Twelve scholarships are now awarded to deserving seniors on Class Day each spring to help them further their educations and to carry the name of Central further. Hopefully in the next few days another scholarship will be established but it would be premature to announce it now. Three of the scholarships still need funding to ensure they are perpetually endowed. They are the “Hay-Hoback Spirit of Central Scholarship”; the Robert Kirk Walker Scholarship Award; and the John Holden Scholarship which was established last year. Tax free donations can be mailed to the CFGC at 1270 Market Stree, Chattanooga, Tenn; 37402. Thank you. I or someone else will let you know when the other scholarship has been approved and can be announced. Thank you. Jerry Summers