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Class of 1914

Class of 1914 (57)

Eureka Abrams
Clara Allen
Mary Baird
Boyd Baker
Robert M Bell
Jessica R Bible
Ione Biggers
Ethel Bonner
Hetty Boyd
Edna Breeden
Sallie May Cade
Horace Chaddick
Herbert Chaddick
Muriel Collins
Harper Cornelius
John Daniel
Beverly S Embrey
Mildred Fairweather
Fred Farris
Bertha Guthrie
Cora Haley
Horace Hamby
Hazel Hartwig
A J Henderson
Mellie Hill
Milton Hoff
Lila L Hogan
Willie Killian
Mattie M Kountz
Susanna Leinbach
Valeria Lowe
Edith Marsh
Glenn Massey
Harrison McCallie
Bruce McIsaac
J Edward Milburn
Harold Milliken
Owen Moore
Flora Morris
Charles Muse
Violet M Myrick
John Nefe
John Page
Lynn Parker
Lucile Price
Lucile Riley
Edna Roberts
Myrtle Roberts
Lee L Ryerson
Jerry Stegall
Robert Stevens
Lelia W Stott
Gordon Trewhitt
Sara Wagner
Trixie Ware
Louise Williams
Rhea Williams


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

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