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Class of 1913

Class of 1913 (60)

Ivan V. Anderson
Vivian Atchley
Fletcher H. Bacon
James A. Bass
William C. Bedoit
Gussie F. Blanton
Frances M. Bosler
Sue E. Bowden
Claude C. Boydston
Rebecca S. Bryant
Harry E. Caldwell
Mae Irene Card
Thomas Rowan Clark
Frederick W. Colby
Henry A. Crawford
Harold G. Crouch
Kate B. Crouch
Mary M. Crouch
Grace C. Crutchfield
Carroll M. Denton
Ida Helen Dunagan
Thomas Frederick Dunham
Ollie M. Ellison
Jalia Elba Farrell
Abbie Lillian Fletcher
Kate Gothard
Hettie A. Harrill
Helen I. Harrison
Willie F. Harrison
Emily F. Henderson
Harold D. Hill
Helen M. Hood
Ben J. Hunter
Tressie May Ice
Cornelia Jones
Emmett L. Kerr
Lucy V. Lanham
Alta Lewis
Gladys MacKenney
Leola McDonald
Anna Mariea McKenney
Orrie S. McKenzie
Annie K. Moseley
Sam E. Noble
Edith N. O’Bryant
Ola Lee Pearson
Barbara Peckinpaugh
Vera Louise Prentice
Agnes V. Robertson
Katherine E. Roby
Emmett D. Rolston
William A. Seagle
Emmett F. Stevens
Andrew Stockburger
Carl Sutton
Roscoe Talley
Ira Walters
Elizabeth Wheelock
Margaret V. Wood
Mabel W. Young


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

2 thoughts on “Class of 1913

  1. Ola Lee Pearson (class of 1913) was the great grandmother of Patricia (Patsy) Genter Thomas Central Class of 1956. Ola Lee purchased both the 1911 & 1913 Year Books which I (Gary Thomas Class of 1953) scanned and sent to Butch Poole to be published for all to see.

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