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Class of 1912

Class of 1912 (69)

This was the unfortunate year of no yearbook; the 69 graduates below were announced in the May 24, 1912 Chattanooga Times:

Henry Acheson
Fred Morton Adams
Jack Allin
Elizabeth Bare
Dallas Bender
Franklin Blevins Bogart
Raymond Joseph Bork
Fannie May Broom
Virginia Brown
Robert G Buchanan
Fannie Lucile Church
Harry Everden Clark
Thomas Rowan Clark
Nancye Pauline Cushman
Theodore Cushman
Margaret Daniels
Anna Davis
Mary Clare Dean
Charles Wright Dudley
Marguerite Edwards
Jeanette M Farrell
Mary Gertrude Farrell
Edith Myra Flegall
Marjan Graham
Bartley Jay Greenwood
Irene Hoyt Gregg
Mollie Hargraves
Mamie Hartwig
Mary Hayes
Edith Hughes
Wilhelm Krause
Ran Killinsworth
Ethel Maude Krichbaum
Clare Leavitt
Herman Lieb
Alta Lucile Lewis
Alexander Lyle
Mary Ethel Marler
Alfred Martin
Richard Drew Massee
Fred Joseph Mayer
James Edwin McAlister
Jack McNeil
Angus McWhorter
Mary Belle Milburn
Benjamin Alley Moore
Minta Roslyn Morris
Joseph I Nicholson
Winifred M Paris
Grace Patterson
Barbara Ethel Raulston
Evander Raulston
Julia Rice
Mary Mildred Schmitz
Blanche Shoemaker
Velma Willie Smith
Curtis Wayne Spencer
Philip Hallahan Stegall
William Eddie Stevens
Joe Houston Stickley
Mary Louise Stokes
Ernest Ganaway Taylor
Alfred Roy Teter
Clara Thompson
Ruth Webb
Willie Edna Webb
Mary Donna Wexler
Mary Ethel Wilcox
Natalie Lowe Wrightson


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

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