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Class of 1911

Class of 1911 (65)

Of the 68 seniors pictured in the 1911 Sleepless Eye, 65 graduated in May 1911, as follows:

William Bryarly Allin
Creed Fletcher Bates
Anna Lucile Beck
William Clarke Beck
Marion Bicknell (female)
Henry Alban Blackwill
Bessie Pauline Briscoe
Fred Herman Brown
Robert Leonard Cannon
Ruth Church
Clara Mildred Clark
Thomas Lucas Clarke
Ellen Creswell Converse
Katherine Cowles
Ella Anna Davis
Daisy Dean Deakins
Amelie Dickert
Donna Francis Durand
Paul Williamson Elmore
Matthew Elrod
Robert Young Farris
Beth Frances Few
Clara Marie French
Nannie Belle Gothard
Susie Emma Gould
Henry Anton Haenseler
Clyde Hodge
Paul Hodge
Frankie Mae Huber
Lucile Edith Hunt
James Louis Johnson
Lillie May Johnson
Alvin Kelly
Stewart Lawwill
John Donald Lockwood
Georgia Louise Mason
Ruth McFarland
Thomas Henry McMillan
Indra Loder McTeer
Goldie Estelle Miller
Joe William Nicholson
Margaret Clemmer Nicholson
Eulalie Florence Noland
Sara Elizabeth Patton
Fred Prentice
Mary Range
Winnie Alma Reeves
Dorothy Vivian Rice
Rowena Aanjoulyne Sauls
Ocy Venna Schoff
Henson Worthington Schoolfield
Jesse Milton Shaver
John Ross Scott
Avis Shelton
Grace Anita Sheridan
Thomas Clarence Solomon
DeForest Spencer
Ruth Marion Stegall
Caldwell Elliot Thweatt
Mary Jane Trimbey
Nellie Wise Turner
Vina Wade
Bessie Emma White
Esther Marguerite Wilson


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

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