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Central to Reinstate The Central Digest

On March 15, 2012, Greg Cantrell shared the following with me:

“My name is Greg Cantrell and beginning with the 2012-13 school year, I will be the new journalism teacher at Central High. Mr.  King has agreed to reinstate the newspaper there and I will be transferring to CHS from Red Bank where our newspaper has won best in state for 2011 and also 2012.

I’m excited about reorganizing and re-establishing the Digest at Central and after a few internet searches, I came across your blog about the rich Central history.  By starting the paper, which in fact will be an online news website instead of a newspaper, I hope to include as much alumni news and historical “looking back” news as I possibly can.  I hope to gain the support of all CHS alumni.  In fact, if our new Digest is to succeed, we’ll need the support of all the alumni — as well as the current student body — to help us get going by purchasing ads, submitting possible story ideas, and basically getting the word out that the Digest is back and needs everyone’s support.

Believe it or not, you are my first stop in getting connected with my new Purple Pounder friends after being a Lion for several years.  While I’m not sure that Mr. King (the current principal) is quite ready to make the announcement that the Digest is back, I did want to share the good news with you and ask for your help getting this project going since your own websites look so professional and are continually updated.  I’ve noticed that you have the CHS crest or seal on your website and I would love to have a copy of that for our new header, if you can assist us.  For now, that’s my first (probably of many) request.  I am certain I will be bugging you about older issues of the Digest later on.

I’m sure that we’ll be “all clear” to share the re-launch of the Digest very soon.  Until then, I look forward to hopefully working with you and utilizing your love for CHS and its history.”

Since then Greg and I have been sharing e-mails in which I shared some ideas for stories and some recommendations of website/blog hosting.

Today I received the following from Greg:

“We’re all clear for the announcement. You may include my email as a contact. We’ll definitely be looking for alumni support and donations to make sure this project not only succeeds, but evolves into something the Central family can appreciate!

I’m saving your emails so that we will have plenty of story ideas for the future. At Red Bank we had an “alumni spotlight” section which took note of alums who did or are doing successful endeavors and I’m sure there’s a place in the Central Digest for the same kind of reporting.

I’ll be in touch with you later on. Until then, here’s hoping for a lot of alumni and community support.”

Greg Cantrell can be reached at:


Graduated from Central in 1965. Had the honor of being Mr. Central 1965. Started on the Central Basketball Team for three years and was a member of the Track Team in my senior year. Shared command with Bryant Millsaps of the Central JROTC unit in my senior year. Other activites at Central are documented in the 1963 -1965 Champions. Received an athletic scholarship and played Division I College Basketball for four years. When I graduated from Auburn in 1969, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Adjutant General Corps and served 25 years on active duty, retiring in 1994. Some of the military awards I earned include the Legion of Merit, one Meritorious Service Medal for Achievement, six Meritorious Service Medals for Service, Joint Service Medal for Achievement, two Army Commendations Medals, and Viet Nam Service Medal. After retirement in 1994, I became a Real Estate Broker until my second retirement in 2010. I am passionate about Central History and am pleased to be Administrator of this Blog/Site.

3 thoughts on “Central to Reinstate The Central Digest

  1. My first true Love – The Central Digest!

    I was photographer and a member of printing staff from 1971-1974. Miss Marjorie Ogle served as Faculty advisor and sponsor. She taught true journalism (who, what, when, where) and yet basic human discretion. I am delighted and proud that Central administration has taken steps toward reinstatement of a proud publication.

    Welcome Mr. Cantrell!! I look forward to you introducing students to delights of spreading truth – not rumor!

    I’m from CENTRAL, couldn’t be PROUDER! If you can’t HEAR me, …
    (go ahead and finish the chant – just like nobody is listening!)

  2. This was exciting news to me, and I had a hard time keeping it to myself until announcement was cleared.

    Buffy, I’m glad to know this was your first love.

    Looking forward to “State Championship in Journalism” by Central.

  3. The Digest, Miss Ogle and her journalism course were so very important in my life at Central and beyond. I’ll never forget the day in her 10th grade English class when she asked me to stay after class. As I waited for the bell to ring, my mind raced, trying to guess what could be wrong. Relief led to excitement as she complimented my writing ability and asked me to be on the Digest staff. Suddenly school took on new meaning as I began to think about college and career. My experience at Central led to Journalism school at the University of Georgia and a multifaceted career always incorporating the written word. I am grateful to Miss Ogle, my friends on the Digest staff and all that made Central High School so very special.

    My congratulations to Mr. Cantrell on bringing back The Central Digest in the age of web technology. It will be a pleasure to see the work he and his students do as they learn to use the tools of effective communication.

    Regards to all Central grads,
    David Wilson
    Digest Editor – Class of 1966

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