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Class of 1916

Class of 1916

On June 2 , 1916,  105 Central seniors were awarded diplomas by  L W Bates, Chair of the High School Board, Hamilton County, at the City Auditorium. This was reported by the Times as the largest graduating high school class ever in East Tennessee:

Iva Akin

Ruth Allison

Harry Anderson

Houston Barker         Valedictorian

Emma Shannon Barnett

Marian Beers

Winona Blacker

Harry Blackwell

Alan Blisplinghoff

Emma Boehm

Carl Breitwelser

Cloman Brown

Gladys Brown

Hazel Brown

Willie Brown

Jessie Carmack

Ralph Carpenter

George Castings

Elaine Chaffee

Helen Colby

Ora Collins

Alford Cooper

Frank H Cooper

Francis Cope

John B Criswell

Walter Creswell

Albert Crumley

Lawrence Daniels

Paul Deakins

Embry Dearing

Nellie Dodds

Benjamin DuPre

May Duggan

Gertrude Easterly

Mildred Faidley

Robert Garner

Odessa Gattis

Lillis Gill

Ernest Grigsby

Emma Guthrie

Warren Hale

Ruby Harris

Bertha Harwood

Alice Hilton

Alvis Holland

Clara Huntington

Mary Igou

Annie Ingram

Bessie Jenkins

George Jones

Rucker Jones

Maud Keen

James Killian

Leslie Kling

Katherine Land

Nadine Lyle

Esther Mackie

Eugenia Madden

Annie Marler

Clyde Masoner

James Massey

Ethel McCulley

 Jessie May McDonald

Willie McKinney

Kenneth McLemore

Stewart McPherson

Charles E Meredith

Albert Miller

Mary Milligan

Artie Moore

Lovell Morris

Forrest Morris

Thomas Moulton

Annie Lee Mowery

Jake Nicholson

Johnnie Nicholson

Mary Christine Noble

William Padgett

Margaret Peak

Katherine Pirtie

Alford Poe

Louise Pope

J B Ragon, Jr

George V Richmond   Salutatorian

Anna Grace Roberts

Joe Roberts#

Margaret Sauls

Edith Shehee

Myrtle Short

Mary Shugart

Franklin Steffner

Hattie Joe Sutton

Bryan Talley

Roy Terry

Lewis P Thatcher

Charlie Thompson

Katie Tinker

Lucille Trewhitt

Harvey Underwood

Anna Watson

Georgia Webb

Homer Weber

Bonnie  Willbanks

Luke Williams

Margaret Wilson

Sidney Wood


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

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  1. BTW the Alumni Directories have 104 graduating, missing 3 from the above listing and adding in 2 names of unknown origin. In preparing these lists, a big assist came from our Central History Buff in getting copies of the Times graduation articles from the library.

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