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Class of 1915

Class of 1915


 The following 84 Central seniors received diplomas from D H Bloom, President of the High School Board, Hamilton County, Tennessee on June 4, 1915 at the city auditorium. 

Viola Adams  

Harriet Aiken  

Ruby Allen     

Aline Anderson 

Maude Alverson  

Louise Barringer 

Otis Beck      

Bernard Bender   

Clementine Brown  

Herschell Broyles  

Marshall E Broyles  

Preston Bryant   

Read Card  

Mildred Carr   

Donald Chaddick  

George Mercer Clementson  

Lurline Cole  

Susie Combs     

Jesse Payne Conner  

Emmett Cook

Doris Mary Cuneo  

Ruth Vernon Daniel  

Willetta Denton  

Robert F Dickson    

Edith Alma Ealy  

Inez Estell   

William Dean Farris  

Maurice Joseph Fenton 

Dorothy Fitzgerald   

Inez Gray 

Jesse Gross  

Metta Guthrie  

Jesse Hargraves 

Sylvester Harris   

Luther Lee Hartman  

Otto Heard  

Myrtle Hengstler    

Gertrude Lufkin Henshaw    Salutatorian

Henry Hobday 

Mary Lou Hudson  

Wiley Hudson   

R. Swan Hunter  

Richard Johnson  

Bernice Jones 

Rubye Julian   

Willie Melva Lauderbach 

Lillian Grace Lewis 

Clyde H Mansfield    Valedictorian

Otto J Mattil   

Buist McAlister   

Elnora Stella McDonald 

Jane McElhaney 

Alfred McIsaac  

William Hobert Merriam  

Lucy Rae Milburn   

Sam A Morris     

Paul Leo Murphy      

James Newman  

Clair O’Brien  

Joyce Osborne   

Lee Parks 

Adeline Pickering 

Maude Price  

Alice May Prince  

Carleton Randall  

George Revington 

Mary Richards  

Arlington Cornelius Robinson  

Margaret Anne Seagle   

Edna Mae Smith 

Irvin Clarence Smith  

Lenore Stark   

Leafie Street   

Jessie Taylor  

Carrie Tinker   

Linwood Wade   

Avis Warrenfels 

Earnest Patrick West         

Nathaniel Winfield Westbrook   

Mildred Wilbanks   

Huger N Willard  

Doyal P Wilson   

Leroy Clark Wilson  

Amos Woodhead  


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

One thought on “Class of 1915

  1. For those keeping score, the Alumni Directories (Purple Books) show 75 grads for 1915, 9 less than the 84 listed above. The difference is that the Directories missed 8 senior photos on pages 22 and 23 of the 1915 Champion, plus the two seniors (Cook & Guthrie) not pictured; but the Directories did add in 1912 grad Theodore Cushman to partially make up the difference.

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