1.  In the 1911 Sleepless Eye, third page of faculty pictures, there are six portraits and 8 names.  The missing portraits are of Charles McGuffey and Enos White.  The picture on the bottom is Walter Harrington, upper right, C E Rogers.

2.  In the 1913 Central Yearbook, there are two pages of faculty pictures, each picture numbered, but no legend with names to match the numbers.  The first picture (page 10) should have included: 1. Charles D McGuffey, Spanish; 2. O C Kirkman, Manual Arts; 3. Arthur Rankin, Math; 4. J A Setliffe, German, Latin, Greek; 5. Marguerite Aull, English; 6. Lillie Schwartz, German, Latin; 7. Claudia Frazier, Domestic Science; and 8. Annie May Crutchfield, English, Latin. The second picture, Page 11: 1. Frank E Gunn, History; 2. George Davis, Science; 3. James B Rike, Science; 4. W P Selcer, Commercial; 5. Reita Faxon Pryor, Music; 6. Nannie Carter, English; 7. Amanda (Mrs L M) Russell, Pedagogy; 8. Alpha Davis Science