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Dodds Ave Architecture

Can anyone recall what appears in photos to be inscribed granite plaques that were planted in the two brick columns beside the main front entrance on Dodds Ave? I cannot locate a close-up photo of the inscriptions in any Champions. Since the plaques appear all the way back to 1911 Sleepless Eye, my assumption is that they probably had to do with Dedication of the facility. Can anyone provide a close-up to publish here? Also, what happened to them at demolition of the building in 1970?


Class of 1974; USAF Retired, Satellite Communications Technician. Now working for City of Chattanooga as a Senior Radio Technician for Public Safety Communications. Enjoy everything "Central" due to wonderful memories; not only of my time on the Hill in Harrison, but also the great mentorship of friends who were honored to attend the Dodds Ave. Central.

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  1. I could not remember these colunms being there when I attended ’62 to ’65. So I went looking to verify. A photo on page 105 of the ’64 Champion was useful again–previously used to locate the position of the last flagpole. This photo also indicates the columns were no longer there.

  2. I didn’t do a decent job of describing; more like square, brick bases for the columns above front entrance. Best photos in Annuals are 1913, page 55 behind Football Team; and 1965, page 1 embedded in brick pillars (below small light fixtures). The plaques appear to be 24 inches wide by 48+ inches tall.

  3. I’m still looking for a photo in the Champions that may accidentally give us some intel. I remember looking at these plaques on occasion and my recollection is that one honored the members of the Hamilton County Court that approved the $75,000 bond for construction and the other the five-member school board that was credited with coming up with the plan to have a Central High School for the county. At the time I wasn’t paying a lot of attention; there were about a thousand or so females providing competition for my viewing time.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, aren’t those plaques in the walls of the current school on HWY 58? There are two plaques in the AGORA, which is the outside commons area.

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