Welcome to this blogsite dedicated to preserving Chattanooga Central High School history.

Thanks to Ed Hoback and Charlie Sedman whose previous efforts are responsible for the vast majority of the content so far.  Thanks to Ed for adding a link to our blogsite on the Front Page of the TCC Family Site.

We hope you’ll share the Central historical documents you have and share historical information you know.  This blogsite was created to facilitate that sharing, consolidate as much Central history as possible, and make it readily accessible to Central alumni and students.

We welcome your comments on all postings.  If you have documents to post, please contact me at mrcentral65@comcast.net or at my TCC mailbox, and I’ll be glad to help you get them posted.  If you would like to become and author or contributor to the blogsite with the capability to post directly, let me know, and I’ll work with you to create credentials for direct access.

Please note this is a complementary project to the Central Student Leadership Group.  We hope to mutually share information and documents with them.

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