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Scrapbook for School Year 1964 -1965

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Graduated from Central in 1965. Had the honor of being Mr. Central 1965. Started on the Central Basketball Team for three years and was a member of the Track Team in my senior year. Shared command with Bryant Millsaps of the Central JROTC unit in my senior year. Other activites at Central are documented in the 1963 -1965 Champions. Received an athletic scholarship and played Division I College Basketball for four years. When I graduated from Auburn in 1969, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Adjutant General Corps and served 25 years on active duty, retiring in 1994. Some of the military awards I earned include the Legion of Merit, one Meritorious Service Medal for Achievement, six Meritorious Service Medals for Service, Joint Service Medal for Achievement, two Army Commendations Medals, and Viet Nam Service Medal. After retirement in 1994, I became a Real Estate Broker until my second retirement in 2010. I am passionate about Central History and am pleased to be Administrator of this Blog/Site.

3 thoughts on “Scrapbook for School Year 1964 -1965

  1. Bob, or anyone, any chance of recovering (our youth) if not the ’64 Central/DB football game or photos. Personally, I would be amenable to an OT to settle up the tie. You guys were Gods; all the best, Dr. Tom Million
    PS Please say, “Hi,” Max Smith and Brian Millsap

  2. Ya know, upon perusal of the website: Hard to imagine there was another, Tommy Million! One who went to Central. I graduated from DB and as you surmise, suited up versus the Pounders. Tommy Million, Central, even has senior year photo next to Brian Millsaps/my counter part at least when he was offense-me on defense; how ironic. I wonder if that was “discussed” in meetings preparing for epic ’64 clash? All the best, #70

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