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Class of 1917

Class of 1917


The following list of 101 graduates of the Class of 1917 was compiled from the listings in the 1917 Champion and the 2007 Alumni Directory.  Apparently the Times did not report the individual names nor number of graduates, just that the graduation ceremonies were held at the Pilgrim Congregational Church on May 25, 1917.


Georgia Alexander   

Marie Elizabeth Allen          

Lloyd Smartt Bacon    

Blanche Barnett         

Beulah Mae Becker    

Addie Beene           

Nannie C Bloss   

Josephine Bogart             

Margaret Buford    

Melva Lucile Bull     

Willard Burks         

Robbie Burns         

Hattie Rae Cagle          

Palmer Carr         

Lee Collins    

Margaret Collins   

Lindsay Colville           

G. Marie Cox                

Marie Josephine  Cox        

Ernest Cushman           

Marietta Davis                

Layne DeArmond             

Robert Dennis                

Wilbur Denton              

Bess Dorton  

Stella Doty   

Alwilda Ellis        

Arthur Engel     

Esther Flegal          

Ruth Forrester               

Chester Gallman           

Graydon Gannaway            

Flora Garner                    

Clayton Genung         

Marion Green     

Earl Haney      

Ressie L Harrill 

Benjamin Franklin Henderson    

Bernice Hester             

Raymond Heuser     

Anna Elizabeth Hill                                        

Clyde Hill                            

Harry K Hodge           

Hilda Hodges                

Dorothy Hood                

Martha Hoppe                   

James Huff                            

Harry Caldwell Johnson       

Milton Johnson            

Isabelle Jones  

Iva Jones               

Archibald Kennedy       

Marvin Killian   

Frances King   

Bela Klein                 

Abraham Koblentz       

Hilton Kroeger          

Margaret Lamon        

Katheryn Land           

Maynard Leavitt             

Fairy Lou Lee     

George Leinbach        Salutatorian

Mildred MacKenney       

Hobart Vincent Massey             

Walter Massey  

Robert Mayer      

William McAllister  

Mary McMinn                 

Edwin Meacham                

Edith Milburn                      

Reita Miller                                 

Maude M’Murray                

Bernard Mylius                               

Carl Neidhardt                         

Leonard Pickard           

Martha Lee Poe              

Errett A Post                      

Amy Routh Provence             

Marie Pursley                          

Eloise Ramsey             

Herman Ray                  

Winona Ringwald           

Frank Roark                 

Joe Roberts              

Myrtle Rogers             

Page Schlesinger          

Roy Self                      

Bertha Shugart            

Earl Smith         

Estelle Sorgenfrey        

Helen Margaret Stokes  

Lamar Swingley   

Ethel Thurman         

Earl Van Zandt                Valedictorian

Granville Watson               

Manly Arthur Watson         

Irene Weber                 

Addie Williams         

Belton Williams        

Leslie Wood           

Harry G Worsham         


Chemical engineer; retired EPA in 2002 after 31 years. Still consulting when I have to. Grow lots of fascinating stuff on my 12 acres. So much left to little time. History is a passion. Sorry I didn't have more discourse with those who have left us. History lost forever.

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  1. Three persons from the Alumni Directory 1917 list of 102 – Margaret Daniel, Hilda Dimmock, and Lillian Parker – could not be found in the Champion and two others from the Champion – Hilda Hodges and Barton Williams – were not listed in the Alumni Directory, so the first three were dropped and the last two added, making the total 101 – all pictured and accounted for in the 1917 Champion.

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