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Digest published longer than thought

The Central Digest was published during Fall 1980 through Spring 1984 school years. Previously, it was rumored to have ceased existance after 1975.  The Editor for 1983-1984 confirmed publication over dinner last night, and has promised to check her mother’s closet for any surviving issues.  She also confirmed that Miss Marjorie Ogle was still an Honored member of Faculty that year.

Small world and even a larger “after the Holidays Honey-Do” list for me!


Class of 1974; USAF Retired, Satellite Communications Technician. Now working for City of Chattanooga as a Senior Radio Technician for Public Safety Communications. Enjoy everything "Central" due to wonderful memories; not only of my time on the Hill in Harrison, but also the great mentorship of friends who were honored to attend the Dodds Ave. Central.

2 thoughts on “Digest published longer than thought

  1. The Central Digest was first published on Oct 28, 1910 in a 9×12 inch magazine format with heavy gold covers on a monthly basis, printed by Chattanooga Printing & Engraving Co. Starting in Nov 1911, the Digest was reduced to an 8 x 10.5 inch size. Asa Printing Co began producing the Digest in fall, 1912 with covers of a darker, lower quality board, but with color ink. In the fall of 1914 Central began printing the Digest in the Manual Arts Bldg. under the supervision of O C Kirkman. Due to a wartime paper shortage the Digest was suspended for 1918 and did not resume until fall, 1922 as a bi-weekly newspaper size (11 x17 inch newsprint) format. This continued until 1961, when the Digest became an 8.5 x 11 inch issue, folded, on bleached white paper.

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