4 thoughts on “Class of 1909

  1. Nope. Pearl Cox (in the 1910 class picture) is missing from the 1910 grad list per the 5/25/1910 Times. All the above, including the ones not pictured, are accounted for in the write-up for 1909.

  2. We may have to contact heirs of the 1908 class to see if a class portrait survived (only 19 grads). Also the 1911-12 class pictures have eluded me (68 and 69 total persons). May have been too many for a class pic by then; we do have the individual pics from the 1911 Sleepless Eye, but 1912 may be a lost year for senior pictures.

  3. This is a great historical photo – great work. I have the original 1911 & 1913 Central Albums.

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