I remember going to Bill’s Varsity when it was across the side street from Central.   I was not even going to Central at that time.   My brother was (class of ’58), and after going to the Varsity the first time, I knew that I had to go to become a “PURPLE POUNDER”.   Fall of 1959 I started Central, and stayed, (if I could have it would have been forever).   It was mentioned about Bill being “shunned” by the powers at Central.   The reason, I heard one time was that the school had this notion that Bill sold “drugs” and such.   Of course, Bill was way ahead of his time the same as others that promoted, that thing that was to be the “RUIN OF THE YOUNG PEOPLE”………..ROCK AND ROLL.   As most of us can witness, when we see one another, especially at the Connection Luncheons, we turned out pretty good.   The day after I graduated in 1962, I went to work for Bill at the Hamilton County Park, “flippin burgers”, worked there all summer, till I was “old enough to get a “real job”, I turned 18 in September.   I then went on to bigger and better things.   And as they say, “the rest is history”.   How I loved those wood floors in the Varsity, and always a greeting from Bill and all the other “kids” when you entered.   Memories are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!