This quote printed at the bottom of page 9 of The Central Digest, October, 1910, caught my attention.  Below is an extract from the article entitled “What Central Means” on that same page.

The launching of the enterprise of the County High School in Hamilton County was attended by a rare conjunction of favoring conditions: fearless, intelligent, broad-minded men in places of power endorsed by an equally intelligent and broad-minded public; so Central, in addition to an auspicious launching, with two progressive men in the respective chairs of principal and superintendent, may verily be said to sail under a lucky star. Her future may be judged by her past; and the most conservative mind must predict for her a growth and development that will rank her the equal at least, of the foremost high school in the state. N. C. C.

Charlie Sedman provided Nannie Carmack Carter as the name represented by the initials:

English teacher when Central opened its doors to students in the fall of 1907.

The Central 1913 Dedicated to Nannie Carmack Carter