Have you ever wondered how, when and why our beloved Yearbook, The Champion was named?

When the third edition of Central’s annual was published in 1914, the cover was embossed with “The Champion 1914”.  Previously, neither the first 1911 edition  “Sleepless Eye”, nor the second in 1913 “The Central” carried any hint of what would follow.  The Forward on page five of 1914 edition states,

“The Champion” was chosen as the name of our annual because of a few very distinct characteristics of the word. In Ancient times the Champion went forth from his castle to fight for the right and to represent those principles to which he had pledged his allegiance. So shall this annual strive to represent the best there is in this school. We have activities in our school that should be represented to the world.  Go forth, O Champion! And may you help win greater laurels for our school.  –The Annual Board”

Almost 100 years later, it’s still our much loved Champion!