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Homecoming Queens

The Central Digests of October 1, 8, and 15, 1949 detailed the selection process of the first homecoming queen to be crowned at halftime of the Central-Rossville game at Chamberlain Field on October 22, 1949.  The Senior English classes nominated 8 contestants, then the student body selected 5 finalists, with the person getting the most votes crowned by the Alumni President (at that time Jerry Perry).  Subsequent queens would be crowned by the previous year’s queen.  Betty Bridges, Betty Drinnon, and Diane Haynes were eliminated by the student vote, leaving the top 5 – Evalynne Anderson, Hulene Huff, Geraldine Maxey, Shirley Sewell, Jeanne Watson – to appear on the field for the presentation, which was won by Shirley Sewell.

  • 1949:  Shirley Sewell
  • 1950:  Peggy Kistler
  • 1951:  Pat Williams
  • 1952:  Dot Wood
  • 1953:  Joy Schroeder
  • 1954:  Norma Jean Coulter
  • 1955:  Patty Rector
  • 1956:  Mary Ruth Neyman
  • 1957:  Linda Scruggs
  • 1958:  Ann Travis
  • 1959:  Carolyn Hale
  • 1960:  Donna Reed
  • 1961:  Jill Keef
  • 1962:  Judy Jackson
  • 1963:  Pam Piercy
  • 1964:  Janie Young
  • 1965:  Cheryl White
  • 1966:  Teri Tinker
  • 1967:  Martha Hollis
  • 1968:  Ginger Nye
  • 1969:  Jayne Arnold
  • 1970:  Karen Sue
  • 1971:  Vicky Thacker
  • 1972:  Debbie Hunt
  • 1973:  Robin Hall
  • 1974:  Annie Owen
  • 1975:  Cheryl Williams
  • 1976:  Robin Rozzell
  • 1977:  Kim Ellis
  • 1978:  Sheri Bankston
  • 1979:  Sherri Bradford
  • 1980:  Cathy Russell
  • 1981:  Nancy Lonas
  • 1982:  Emily Schaerer
  • 1983:  Tamye Yarbrough
  • 1984:  Denise Knowles
  • 1985:  Ava Kirby
  • 1986:  Kim Freezell
  • 1987:  Lorena Stitts

Note 1:  Research by Charlie Sedman and Bob Johnson

Note 2:  Year show is year crowned.


Graduated from Central in 1965. Had the honor of being Mr. Central 1965. Started on the Central Basketball Team for three years and was a member of the Track Team in my senior year. Shared command with Bryant Millsaps of the Central JROTC unit in my senior year. Other activites at Central are documented in the 1963 -1965 Champions. Received an athletic scholarship and played Division I College Basketball for four years. When I graduated from Auburn in 1969, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Adjutant General Corps and served 25 years on active duty, retiring in 1994. Some of the military awards I earned include the Legion of Merit, one Meritorious Service Medal for Achievement, six Meritorious Service Medals for Service, Joint Service Medal for Achievement, two Army Commendations Medals, and Viet Nam Service Medal. After retirement in 1994, I became a Real Estate Broker until my second retirement in 2010. I am passionate about Central History and am pleased to be Administrator of this Blog/Site.

5 thoughts on “Homecoming Queens

    1. She was crowned the year 1971. The graduating class was 1972 which would have been the 1972 champion. My sister was a candidate the same year.

      1. Lawrence, I’m sorry, I don’t have any contact info on her. My sister seems to think she still resides in Chattanooga but not sure. Wish I could help!

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