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Early Central Faculty

1907-8 Annual Report

A E Darrah, Principal
Mary I Bibb History
A T Roark, Commercial Dept.
George Davis, Science
O C Kirkman, Manual Training
C E Rogers, Math
Ms. N C Carter, English
Ms. L M Russell, Teaching Dept.
A K Greene, Latin
Charles D McGuffey, Spanish

1908-9 (Annual Report) (11)

A E Darrah, Principal
Mary Elizabeth Beck, Expression
Nannie Carter, English
George Davis, Science
O C Kirkman, Manual Arts
Ms. O C Kirkman, History (Mary Bibb Kirkman)
Charles McGuffey, Spanish
J B Rike, Physical Training and Math
A T Roark, Commercial Dept.
C E Rogers, Math
Ms. L M Russell, Teaching Dept.
J A Setliffe, Greek, Latin, German

1909-10 from City Directory

A E Darrah, Principal

Mary Elizabeth Beck, Speech

Nannie Carter, English

George Davis, Science

O C Kirkman, Manual Arts

Harriet Greve, History

Charles McGuffey, Spanish

J B Rike, Physical Training and Math

A T Roark, Commercial Dept.

C E Rogers, Math

Ms. L M Russell, Teaching Dept.

J A Setliffe, Greek, Latin, German

Annie May Crutchfield, English

Mabel Agnes Fair, Domestic Science

C A Garratt Music

Mrs C A Garratt Vocal Music

1910-11 per Sleepless Eye:

A T Roark replaced by Walter Harrington for Commercial

Frank E Gunn added for English, History

William K Anderson added for Math, German

1911-12 from City Directory

Walter Harrington replaced by W P Selcer, Commercial

Mabel Fair replaced by Claudia Frazier, Domestic Science

Lillie Schwartz added for German

William K Anderson replaced by Arthur T Rankin

C E Rogers, Math, resigned at mid-term to accept position at E Tenn Normal School

Mary E Beck apparently did not return and was not replaced.

1912-13 per The Central

Harriet Greve left to pursue MA at Columbia

Alpha Davis added for Science

Garratts replaced by Reita Faxon Pryor, Music

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Articles From Chattanooga Times 1907-09 school years

Times Notes from 1907-08 (* indicates facsimile to be posted)

9/9/07*  Central Opening

9/20/07*  Central to play football

9/27/07*   Central football update

10/26/07*  Baylor 15 Central 7

11/01/07*  City 63 Central  0

1/16/08    Enrollment figures for County Schools (start of 2nd semester)

Central 146 freshmen, 45 sophomores, 35 juniors and 14 seniors  240 total

Hixson      9 freshmen, 20 soph, 9 jr                                                         38

Tyner       34 freshmen, 6 sophomores                                                    40

Soddy       15 freshmen, 11 soph, 9 jr                                                        35

4/9/08     Central to have play in Spanish put on by the Spanish Society with music accompaniment by

Katiebel  Darrah

April 10   Central baseball has 1-1 record (lost to City; beat McCallie); games at Olympic Park

April 22    Baylor 2 Central 0  Central pitcher Krichbaum, catchers Leake, Maddox

April 23   W K Greene, Central football and baseball coach  and Latin instructor  accepted position as

Chair of Latin dept at Baker-Himel; had been living with S J McCallie while at Central.

April 29    City 5 Central 1

May 13    Central 10 McCallie 2

May 28*   Central graduation

Times Notes 1908-09

9/01/08*   Rike Hired as football coach of Central and UC

9/04/08     Central opening

9/05/08*     Football practice starts

9/25/08*   Central news

9/26/08*     Announcement of Central-Rhea County game at Chamberlain Field

9/27/08*     Central 10 Rhea County 6

10/01/08   Central trying to schedule games

10/11/08*   Rike hospitalized

10/18/08*   TMI 10 Central 0

10/31/08*   Huntsville Williams 23  Central  0

11/08/08*     Central  0  Rhea Co  0

11/21/08*     Central  6  City 0

11/26/08*     Central- Huntsville Butler line-ups

11/28/08*     Central 11 Butler 0

1/09/09        First basketball game:  Baylor 23 Central  9  for Central Shackelford scored 5, Divine 2 and Cushman 2;

games played at Armory (Central played McCallie on 1/15 and City

1/22 but sports sections missing from 1/16 and 1/23 microfilm)

1/30/09        Baylor 26 Central 22 (Faucette 6, Divine 2, Cushman 8, Shackelford 6)

2/6                Central 22  McCallie 12 (Faucettte 6, Divinee 2, Cushman 8, Shackelford 6)

Also announcement of bank added at Central

2/13              Central 25 City 40  (Divine 12, Faucette 4, Cushman 6, Shackelford 3)

2/20              Central 29  Baylor 28 (Faucette 16, Elmore 2, Gray 2, Cushman 4, Shackelford 5) Sam Divine

left school to travel to Mexico

2/27              Central def McCallie no write-up

3/6                City 29 Central 23 (Revington 9, Shackelford 8, Faucette 4, Cushman 2)

4/2                Central 0 Huntsville Williams 6

Announcement of an Education benefit game at Olympic Park on April 30

County team will feature Rike at catcher, J B Brown pitcher and Darrah at 3B

5/6                Central 14 City 1 Central ends season undefeated in league play game with Knoxville champ,

Baker-Himel (also undefeated) to be played on Chamberlain Field at 3:30PM May 25

5/26*          Central 4  Baker-Himel 3  Central claims E Tenn baseball championship

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Let’s get started on Central history.  As more people get involved we may assign specific topics or eras to individuals as their specialty area. For the present I want to share what I have documented thusfar and my resources:

Central High activities per the Chattanooga Times starting Sep 1 1907 through May 31, 1908, Sep 1, 1908-May 31, 1909, and Sep 1, 1909 through March 31, 1910

First year report to Hamilton County including faculty members.

Graduating Class Rosters per the Times for the years 1908-10 and 1912 (important because there were no yearbooks)

First year faculty biographies via family genealogy sites

Obituary notices for early graduates 1908-1912

Iwill begin posting the above in the next few weeks so that all can begin to grasp what we don’t know and/or haven’t documented adequately and formulate a plan for acquiring that information.