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Central ROTC Paches

I am in process of remodeling our kitchen.  While emptying the cabinet drawers (all 12) in prep to refinish the drawer fronts, I found these patches.  The should stir up some memories.  Marvin Blair


Bellamy Award Program

Bellamy Award Program

Courtesy of Jeanette Ramsey Huddleston

Front Cover

Inside Front

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Back Cover


Shirley Sewell

By Charlie Sedman:  I finally identified the first homecoming queen, crowned at the first homecoming game against Rossville on Oct 22, 1949. Shirley Sewell is shown being crowned by an Alumni Association bigwig, probably Ernie Feagans, who was never very far away from a microphone. Other candidates were Jeanine Watson, Geraldine Maxey, Hulene Huff, and Evalynne Anderson.

New Historical Video Gallery

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Roark 1925 May Queen

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(Research by Charlie Sedman)

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2013 honorees will be announced on April 25th.