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Central to Reinstate The Central Digest

On March 15, 2012, Greg Cantrell shared the following with me:

“My name is Greg Cantrell and beginning with the 2012-13 school year, I will be the new journalism teacher at Central High. Mr.  King has agreed to reinstate the newspaper there and I will be transferring to CHS from Red Bank where our newspaper has won best in state for 2011 and also 2012.

I’m excited about reorganizing and re-establishing the Digest at Central and after a few internet searches, I came across your blog about the rich Central history.  By starting the paper, which in fact will be an online news website instead of a newspaper, I hope to include as much alumni news and historical “looking back” news as I possibly can.  I hope to gain the support of all CHS alumni.  In fact, if our new Digest is to succeed, we’ll need the support of all the alumni — as well as the current student body — to help us get going by purchasing ads, submitting possible story ideas, and basically getting the word out that the Digest is back and needs everyone’s support.

Believe it or not, you are my first stop in getting connected with my new Purple Pounder friends after being a Lion for several years.  While I’m not sure that Mr. King (the current principal) is quite ready to make the announcement that the Digest is back, I did want to share the good news with you and ask for your help getting this project going since your own websites look so professional and are continually updated.  I’ve noticed that you have the CHS crest or seal on your website and I would love to have a copy of that for our new header, if you can assist us.  For now, that’s my first (probably of many) request.  I am certain I will be bugging you about older issues of the Digest later on.

I’m sure that we’ll be “all clear” to share the re-launch of the Digest very soon.  Until then, I look forward to hopefully working with you and utilizing your love for CHS and its history.”

Since then Greg and I have been sharing e-mails in which I shared some ideas for stories and some recommendations of website/blog hosting.

Today I received the following from Greg:

“We’re all clear for the announcement. You may include my email as a contact. We’ll definitely be looking for alumni support and donations to make sure this project not only succeeds, but evolves into something the Central family can appreciate!

I’m saving your emails so that we will have plenty of story ideas for the future. At Red Bank we had an “alumni spotlight” section which took note of alums who did or are doing successful endeavors and I’m sure there’s a place in the Central Digest for the same kind of reporting.

I’ll be in touch with you later on. Until then, here’s hoping for a lot of alumni and community support.”

Greg Cantrell can be reached at:

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Class of 1914

Class of 1914 (57)

Eureka Abrams
Clara Allen
Mary Baird
Boyd Baker
Robert M Bell
Jessica R Bible
Ione Biggers
Ethel Bonner
Hetty Boyd
Edna Breeden
Sallie May Cade
Horace Chaddick
Herbert Chaddick
Muriel Collins
Harper Cornelius
John Daniel
Beverly S Embrey
Mildred Fairweather
Fred Farris
Bertha Guthrie
Cora Haley
Horace Hamby
Hazel Hartwig
A J Henderson
Mellie Hill
Milton Hoff
Lila L Hogan
Willie Killian
Mattie M Kountz
Susanna Leinbach
Valeria Lowe
Edith Marsh
Glenn Massey
Harrison McCallie
Bruce McIsaac
J Edward Milburn
Harold Milliken
Owen Moore
Flora Morris
Charles Muse
Violet M Myrick
John Nefe
John Page
Lynn Parker
Lucile Price
Lucile Riley
Edna Roberts
Myrtle Roberts
Lee L Ryerson
Jerry Stegall
Robert Stevens
Lelia W Stott
Gordon Trewhitt
Sara Wagner
Trixie Ware
Louise Williams
Rhea Williams

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Class of 1913

Class of 1913 (60)

Ivan V. Anderson
Vivian Atchley
Fletcher H. Bacon
James A. Bass
William C. Bedoit
Gussie F. Blanton
Frances M. Bosler
Sue E. Bowden
Claude C. Boydston
Rebecca S. Bryant
Harry E. Caldwell
Mae Irene Card
Thomas Rowan Clark
Frederick W. Colby
Henry A. Crawford
Harold G. Crouch
Kate B. Crouch
Mary M. Crouch
Grace C. Crutchfield
Carroll M. Denton
Ida Helen Dunagan
Thomas Frederick Dunham
Ollie M. Ellison
Jalia Elba Farrell
Abbie Lillian Fletcher
Kate Gothard
Hettie A. Harrill
Helen I. Harrison
Willie F. Harrison
Emily F. Henderson
Harold D. Hill
Helen M. Hood
Ben J. Hunter
Tressie May Ice
Cornelia Jones
Emmett L. Kerr
Lucy V. Lanham
Alta Lewis
Gladys MacKenney
Leola McDonald
Anna Mariea McKenney
Orrie S. McKenzie
Annie K. Moseley
Sam E. Noble
Edith N. O’Bryant
Ola Lee Pearson
Barbara Peckinpaugh
Vera Louise Prentice
Agnes V. Robertson
Katherine E. Roby
Emmett D. Rolston
William A. Seagle
Emmett F. Stevens
Andrew Stockburger
Carl Sutton
Roscoe Talley
Ira Walters
Elizabeth Wheelock
Margaret V. Wood
Mabel W. Young

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Class of 1912

Class of 1912 (69)

This was the unfortunate year of no yearbook; the 69 graduates below were announced in the May 24, 1912 Chattanooga Times:

Henry Acheson
Fred Morton Adams
Jack Allin
Elizabeth Bare
Dallas Bender
Franklin Blevins Bogart
Raymond Joseph Bork
Fannie May Broom
Virginia Brown
Robert G Buchanan
Fannie Lucile Church
Harry Everden Clark
Thomas Rowan Clark
Nancye Pauline Cushman
Theodore Cushman
Margaret Daniels
Anna Davis
Mary Clare Dean
Charles Wright Dudley
Marguerite Edwards
Jeanette M Farrell
Mary Gertrude Farrell
Edith Myra Flegall
Marjan Graham
Bartley Jay Greenwood
Irene Hoyt Gregg
Mollie Hargraves
Mamie Hartwig
Mary Hayes
Edith Hughes
Wilhelm Krause
Ran Killinsworth
Ethel Maude Krichbaum
Clare Leavitt
Herman Lieb
Alta Lucile Lewis
Alexander Lyle
Mary Ethel Marler
Alfred Martin
Richard Drew Massee
Fred Joseph Mayer
James Edwin McAlister
Jack McNeil
Angus McWhorter
Mary Belle Milburn
Benjamin Alley Moore
Minta Roslyn Morris
Joseph I Nicholson
Winifred M Paris
Grace Patterson
Barbara Ethel Raulston
Evander Raulston
Julia Rice
Mary Mildred Schmitz
Blanche Shoemaker
Velma Willie Smith
Curtis Wayne Spencer
Philip Hallahan Stegall
William Eddie Stevens
Joe Houston Stickley
Mary Louise Stokes
Ernest Ganaway Taylor
Alfred Roy Teter
Clara Thompson
Ruth Webb
Willie Edna Webb
Mary Donna Wexler
Mary Ethel Wilcox
Natalie Lowe Wrightson

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Class of 1911

Class of 1911 (65)

Of the 68 seniors pictured in the 1911 Sleepless Eye, 65 graduated in May 1911, as follows:

William Bryarly Allin
Creed Fletcher Bates
Anna Lucile Beck
William Clarke Beck
Marion Bicknell (female)
Henry Alban Blackwill
Bessie Pauline Briscoe
Fred Herman Brown
Robert Leonard Cannon
Ruth Church
Clara Mildred Clark
Thomas Lucas Clarke
Ellen Creswell Converse
Katherine Cowles
Ella Anna Davis
Daisy Dean Deakins
Amelie Dickert
Donna Francis Durand
Paul Williamson Elmore
Matthew Elrod
Robert Young Farris
Beth Frances Few
Clara Marie French
Nannie Belle Gothard
Susie Emma Gould
Henry Anton Haenseler
Clyde Hodge
Paul Hodge
Frankie Mae Huber
Lucile Edith Hunt
James Louis Johnson
Lillie May Johnson
Alvin Kelly
Stewart Lawwill
John Donald Lockwood
Georgia Louise Mason
Ruth McFarland
Thomas Henry McMillan
Indra Loder McTeer
Goldie Estelle Miller
Joe William Nicholson
Margaret Clemmer Nicholson
Eulalie Florence Noland
Sara Elizabeth Patton
Fred Prentice
Mary Range
Winnie Alma Reeves
Dorothy Vivian Rice
Rowena Aanjoulyne Sauls
Ocy Venna Schoff
Henson Worthington Schoolfield
Jesse Milton Shaver
John Ross Scott
Avis Shelton
Grace Anita Sheridan
Thomas Clarence Solomon
DeForest Spencer
Ruth Marion Stegall
Caldwell Elliot Thweatt
Mary Jane Trimbey
Nellie Wise Turner
Vina Wade
Bessie Emma White
Esther Marguerite Wilson

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Thanks to Buffy Hoge, ’74

Received the Adobe Acrobat X Pro software today from Buffy.  This is the first contribution to the Preservation of Central History Fund (45-4405845) which has been set up to support preservation efforts such as this website.  This software will contribute immensely to our preservation efforts.

Other alumni and interested parties my contribute by a check payable to Preservation of Central History Fund sent to Bob Johnson, 8909 180th Street Court East, Puyallup, WA  98375.  Bob is a graduate of the Class of ’65.

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Historical Marker on Dodds Avenue

Today Bobby Byrd confirmed receipt of payment at the Tennessee Historical Commission.  Priority Mail envelope had been delayed because of the weather, so we were getting a little concerned-should have arrived last Wednesday or Thursday.

The Commission ordered the marker for arrival in Chattanooga in approximately 18 weeks.

Coordination is underway for the dedication ceremony in mid-to-late July.